So I have come to realize that with the additional class that I’m taking, I am now too busy / worn out to make consistent updates. I notice that my trading has gotten sloppy, as when I’m exhausted, I miss the finer details, and things like my greed kick into overdrive. The end of last week (NFP time) should have finished in the green, but I basically blew my account on my sleepless unfocused state.

I will try to go over the move that did it.

-The good: I executed in the triangle (a buy), and it hit past the barrier. At the time I thought “oh good, breakouts happening now”.

-I started stacking positions, without seeing a catalyst (which is bad).

-I did not take partial profits like I normally do, nor moved stop loss (which is more bad).

-When nfp went negative on me, I actually expected it to, and  I stacked even more positions based on my analysis of the print

-When it hit break even, I should have exited, due to my trade now being extremely overleveraged. Instead, I went to sleep. Woke up, boom.

-There was plenty of time to exit in the green, but I ignored all the redflags

The good trade of the week:

Two classic box-breaks in tandem. I added an extra position at the second box. For this trade I DID move my stops, and I got stopped out in the green after the spike past the 2nd box.

Net gain for last week: -13.5%