This is the analysis of all of the trades I did for this month.


The \/\ Trades: Won 15/22 trades (68%, +$1574.54) 32 pip, 36.8, 20

Four overheld trades that would have netted a profit at the safe target. The rest are failed trades. 3 trades with a total loss of 89 pips, even assuming a high $3/pip loss this is an extra $267 of losses unaccounted for (remove this from the $1574.54).

Keep this trade exactly the same for March (between $2-$4 a pip).


Breakout Bounce Continuation Trades: Won 0/2 (0%, -$149.49)

One trade overheld turning a winner to a loser, and a breakout from a triangle (not normally a bounce trade).

Risk $1-$1.5 a pip for March.


Standard Box Trades: Won 0/0 (0%)

Didn’t take any box trades this month.


General Breakouts with defined Lows/Highs Trades: Won 0/2 (0%, -$87.75)

Two failed trades, not much said.

Risk $1 a pip for March.


Triangle Flat Bottom Trades: Won 1/2 (50%)

The one that won was for 84.5 pips with confirmation. The one that lost was trading the triangle during formation, and lost $90.73). I’m definitely significantly net positive, I’m guessing I used between $2-$2.50 a pip on the winner.

Change nothing for March, risk $2-$2.50, but trade confirmations only


Triangle Flat Top Trades: Won 1/3 (33%, -$63.90)

One trade was lost due to no confirmation, one just failed.

Risk $1.5-$2, confirmation only.


Unnatural Triangles 1/3 (33%, +$140.92)

Two trades failed due to lack of confirmation.

Risk $2-$2.50, confirmation only.


Inside Channel Trades: Won 3/13 (23%, -$326.68)

A lot of the losses are due to over holding (the halfway point seems to be the safest, and channel breaks often before finishing the bounce). I try to enter on the third bounce, but I see there lacks consistency in this trade altogether.

Risk $1 a pip, make targets only at the 50% mark, trade the third bounce only.


Channel Breakouts: Won 0/1 (0%, -$100.75)

Got stopped out of the actual move (the direction was correct).

Risk $2 a pip.


News Trades: Won 5/9 (55%, +$355.87)

Keep the grind on.


S/R Trades: Won 1/4 (25%, -$98.25)

One trade gets triggered and stopped out by news.

Risk $1 a pip.


Number of Times Moving Stop Losses Broke Me: 0
Number of Times Moving Stop Losses Saved Me: 0

Did not move stops this month.


Number of Bad Trades with Bad Logic: 3

These are trades I took that makes absolutely no sense. The goal is to see this number as low as possible. That’s 4 less than last month. These losses are worth around $170.


Liquidity Trading: 1 (+$85)

I want to start this section to document my liquidity trades and see how it has affected my overall profit over time, since the use of these orderflow concepts have been a heavy part of my trading.


Trades Exited Due to Being Emotional: 0

This happened 0 times this month.

*I want to note that for some reason the + and – of the overall trades don’t add up. Other than commission costs I have no idea where this extra missing money went. Also, for March I am only going to live trade /\/ and triangles/news, everything else I’m going to paper trade*