Fucked up the end of the week. Not very happy with myself. Sleepiness is the achilles heel of every trader.

Saw price respected the /\/, and entered in the break area.

Trade: +66.44


General breakout. Price clearly breaks out into low liquidity zone, but fails the climb. Price retracts during when I was asleep, could not evaluate if I would have manually exited.



Failed inside channel trade inside the /\/(retraces after maybe 40% move). Decided to exit trade manually to trade successful /\/. This was a solid trade decision.

First Trade:-17.93
Second Trade:+96.00


First trade was a solid inside channel trade, price actually reverses from my original TP (I moved TP up because I thought there was more upside potential), so I had a +$140 trade that I greeded out on. I acknowledge the break of the /\/ and went in, had a $260 net 3 trade position open during the time I was asleep). Price basically moves to the lows, I wake up in the middle of the night and see I had a lot of profit, and I went back to bed without evaluating whether or not I should exit manually. So this pair ended up costing me 2 large losses when it should have given me 2 huge wins. This is the one that made me upset.

First Trade:-87.75
Second Trade:-102.68



Overall for the Day:-$110.61
Overall for the Week: