Was a trading wreck. It could be because of the small amount of alcohol I had, it could be because I was trigger happy now that I isolated every type of trade but two, but one things for certain: I got faked out, I threw away winning trades, and I lost 2x what I normally do. So much for objectivity. I’ve reset my mind back to neutral and now I gotta cover these losses throughout the rest of the month (very doable as long as I don’t have another episode of trader stupidity).

This trade got faked out, but if you look at the blue spike before the drop, no matter what I wouldn’t have made it for the actual move. This loss was okay.



The first two losses were triggered during beginning of asia (wrong timing) due to fakeout. Last trade was a fucked up winning trade, I was asleep when it rose to ’93, but my tp was 94.00. Would have been prevented if I was awake.

First Trade:-101.39
Second Trade:-43.79


First was a fake out. Second was a phantom fakeout (Sudden increase/decrease of ~30 pips within a second), third one was a setup failure. Of these, the first one was the preventable one. Second one was debateable.

First Trade:-64.62
Second Trade:-67.68
Third Trade: -53.70



Overall for the Day: -424.79