I had a dream yesterday where I had a 50% drawdown. It felt so real when I woke up in a cold sweat, I really thought I lost half my money. Sometimes the body knows what the brain chooses to ignore- In my case my self destructive habits that cost a $1000 loss in 3 days.

So what happens is I get a few bad legitimate trades. From here the damage is compounded as I get more and more slack with the rest of the setups “in hope of balancing” those losses. This means forcing setups, and overholding setups, which turn normal good wins into losses, because those normal wins was held longer for a “super win”. So of course the losses stack, and I get more and more slack. My emotions were numb so I felt I was in control, but I really wasn’t. And if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m turning clear as day winners into losers, I would have yet to figure out why I keep damaging myself and allowing it to happen.

I need a triple take on these setups and regain my bearings.

3 Failed trades, likely due to Aussy Fundamental reports.

Failed Triangle upward break, followed by Failed triangle downward break.

First Trade:-19.99
Second Trade:-98.72


Failed subprime /\/.



Failed prime /\/.



Overholding a solid trade, fucked it up for myself.


Trade: -46.20



Same story as the previous one.



Both failed because I forced a trade. This is a debateable setup at best.

First Trade:-100.92
Second Trade:-100.64