Blog Legend

This page will serve as a legend to help you navigate my pictures, and my posts.


Indicators Used (and their meaning)

  • FRACTAL (labels swing highs/lows after-the-fact)
  • SHOWTIMETOEND (shows time remaining until the close of the candle)
  • PIVOT (shows calculated daily support/resistance levels)
  • TRADESESSIONS (labels the highs and lows of each session, which are color-coded)
  • SLOW STOCHASTIC (a slower version of the classic indicator, which gives less signals with less false hits)
PURPLE BOXES- Missed entries
BLUE BOXES- Tops and Bottoms shown in a range of pips form
GREEN BOXES- Live trades
RED BOXES- Previous boxes that are used as support
PINK ANYTHING- Important and highlighted so you should look at what is being highlighted


The formatting of trade stats are as follows:

BUY/SELL PAIR @ PRICE1, exited/stopped @ PRICE2 (Lose/Win): %Won/lost (% risk)

The percentages are calculated based on the MOST RECENT account balance. Daily/Weekly percentages are calculated based on STARTING balance of that day/week.


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